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Koko & Dolores X Studio Bim Bam


LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT - Koko & Dolores X Studio Bim Bam Mini Collection

The earrings are one of a kind pieces and are part of the limited Koko & Dolores X Studio Bim Bam collection.

  • anti allergic posts 
  • total length +/- 5 cm 
  • each set of earcandy is wrapped in a handmade cotton Bim Bam gift bag! 

    This bold and graphic piece of jewelry is designed and handmade by Studio Bim Bam. Each polymer clay shape is hand shaped, patterned by hand, baked in the oven and polished by Emma or Julia. Therefore every piece is unique.
    Handle this bold beauty with love.
    Hersteller Koko & Dolores
    Kategorie / Typ Koko & Dolores X Studio Bim Bam
    Artikelnummer K21-BB-O1

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